The Indoor Tour

Getting excited for the Tour? It all kicks off on Saturday 29th in Nice. To get you in the mood, we have a 5 day stage race on Zwift for you. Race every evening from Monday 24th to Friday 28th with a Yorkshire Grand Depart, two summit finishes and a sprint stage on the champs Elysees. Sign up before 3pm on Monday 24th HERE.

How Does it Work?

Races are every night from Monday to Friday with start times between 6pm and 7.30pm. You will be put in a category based on your watts per kg and there are prizes at the end of the week for GC in each category (A to D). Each category will wear the same kit so you can see who you are racing against easily. GC is done on a points system on each stage so rides of all types have a chance of winning. The races are all done via Zwift Meetup’s new race feature so you will be invited to the race from Sportive Breaks.

The Route

The closest thing to the real Tour with a Grand Depart from Yorkshire, two flat days & two summit finishes.

Day One: Grand Depart – 2109 UCI Worlds Harrogate Circuit

Monday 24th Aug. 14.8km, 240m

The Grand Depart is back in Yorkshire for a short, lumpy circuit of Harrogate. The route starts with two long straights starting with a 2km climb to break up the race before a long descent. The KOM section comes just after half way, a sharp 1.2km ramp before a quick finish with a little kick at the end. Strava section HERE

Day Two: Roule Ma Poule

Tuesday 25th Aug. 23.9km, 145m

After a 1km lead in climb, the circuit starts with a zigzag descent (Zwift rewards drafting on descents). Aside from a short (0.4km) climb, this course is pancake flat until the final 1.8km climb where the race will be decided. Expect a classics style climb with attack after attack. Strava segment HERE.

Day Three: RGV

Wednesday 26th Aug. 25km, 107m

The high speed road. Today’s stage should be a quick one with one short climb (0.4km) to drop your competitors before a couple of small lumps close to home and a short, sprint finish. Strava section HERE.

Day Four: The Queen Stage: Ven-Top

Thursday 27th Aug. 21.8km, 1534m

For the penultimate stage we head to the mountains for the mighty Ventoux. A GPS replica of the real thing, this is the hardest climb of the week and the hardest climb on Zwift. GC is done on points so don’t worry if the skinny climbers drop you, there are points up to 20th place in your category. Zwift section HERE.

Day Five: Champs-Elysees

Friday 28th Aug. 7.6km, 34m

We finish like the Tour on the Champs-Elysees with a short, very fast sprint stage. After a lead in the circuit takes us up a short ramp and then a long, fast sprint to the finish line. You get the same amount of points on this stage as you do on Ven-Top so the GC is wide open to all types of rider. Strava section HERE.


Join the race by signing up below. We will email you start times and race rules and then invite you to the Zwift Meetups on Monday.