Improve Your FTP: Video & Session Two of Three

Improve Your FTP: Part Two of Three


Welcome back to part two of our three part series on increasing your FTP. In a couple of days you will be sent the final video & session that will include the key to sticking to your training plan long enough to get some amazing results. This plan is designed to be both easy to follow and deliver great results in terms of FTP increases which then give you those real life benefits that we discussed in our last video such as dropping your mates on a climb, setting a PB or simply being more excited to get out on your bike at weekends.

We have had almost 1,000 riders go through this plan from every spectrum of the cycling universe. Because the sessions are based on your own FTP and the fundamentals of training apply to beginners and Tour pros alike, everyone should be able to improve if they can commit to 2.5 hours of quality training per week. Over 96% of riders following this plan have seen an FTP increase and seen this most welcome sign on Zwift:



In this video we will look into:


 – How to structure your training week

 – The benefits of riding at and over threshold & how short, intense sessions can benefit all types of rider

 – Session two: 3 x 3 minute time trials / max efforts (40 mins)



Action points from this video


 – Start to plan out your week, when can you do the 3 indoor sessions? When can you go out for a 2-3 hour ride at the weekend? Will you do your sessions at the same time every week or mix them up?

 – Download the second session and find 40 minutes to do it. This is the hardest session of the week so really commit to the 3 max effort intervals. Going deep is where a lot of your improvement will come from.


 – Let us know how you get on (use #sportivebreaks & #roweandking), if you have any questions feel free to DM us on FB or Insta

 – Check your emails for video three coming in a couple of days.


This is the hardest session of the week from the feedback we get from our riders. Like the first session, you might not hit your target on the first session but by week two and three you should start to get closer. It is only 9 minutes of max effort so push as hard as you can.


Phil & Matt