Improve Your FTP: Video & Session One of Three

Improve Your FTP: Part One of Three


Thanks for joining us for part one of our three part series on increasing your FTP. Over the next three videos, you will get training advice from Matt Rowe, one of the leading cycling coaches in the country with experience training everyone from professional riders to people aiming to ride their first sportive and everything in between. We will go through the key principles to cycling training, build the ideal coaching week & share the secret to sticking to the plan.


In this video we will look into:


 – How improving your FTP will impact your life. What your motivation is to do a training session instead of sit on the couch.

 – What is FTP and why is that the key measurement for cycling training.

 – Why short, intense sessions are better than longer, unstructured riding.

 – Session one: 3 x 10 minute threshold ramps (1hr)



Action points from this video


 – Think about how improving your cycling would improve your life. This motivation will be key to helping you push past the temptation of not doing a session one night. This might be the feeling of dropping your mates on a ride, beating your brother to the cafe stop, getting fitter so you keep up with your kids / grandkids or planning for an epic ride in 2021 on one of the major sportives or climbs in Europe (there is nothing quite like reaching a summit in the Alps / Dolomites / Pyrenees knowing you have ridden to your potential).


 – Download the Zwift workout file in the email (follow these instructions to get files onto Zwift).


 – Schedule 1hr for the workout over the next two days (Zwift is an engaging platform but you may also want to listen to some music, podcast etc)


 – Let us know how you get on (use #sportivebreaks & #roweandking), if you have any questions feel free to DM us on FB or Insta


 – Check your emails for video two coming in a couple of days.


Enjoy the session, it should be hard the first time you do it but persevere and it will get easier. We look forward to hearing how you got on and we will see you on the next video.

Phil & Matt.