Etape du Tour: The Final Countdown

This is It! One week to go….

You’ve arrived and survived to the one week out point, all you have to do now is eat well, sleep well make sure you and your bike are in good working order.

Make sure you have your favourite riding kit ready, create that packing list! Chamois cream! Sun cream and all those creature comforts that will make your few days away as enjoyable as possible.

Have your ride/nutrition plan sorted in your head or even make some notes on profiles of climbs etc. and stick them on your top tube as this can help distract the mind.

My three top tips:

  • If it’s hot, avoid sun cream above eye line under helmet. Sweat in your eyes hurts but sweat and sun cream is agony. Take a buff or wear a cycle cap anything that can help mop your forehead can make a huge difference in comfort.
  • Try not to get carried away with a fast start. Make sure you ride with the understanding that there is a tough finish ahead of you, so pace yourself.
  • Finally drink and eat as a routine, don’t wait until you feel thirsty or tired. Remember prevention is better than cure.

News from Briancon:

The area is buzzing with pre-Etape and pre-Tour de France excitement. The weather is perfect for cycling, nice and sunny in the low to mid 20s. Early in the morning it is cool, between 7am and 8am we are riding in arm warmers but no gilet / jacket and then after the initial warm up it is short sleeves. Keep an eye on the weather forecast, there is some rain due early this week and then the weekend looks nice but we are in the mountains and things can change quickly.

There are a great variety of climbs out of Briancon / Serre Chevalier. If you want to go on a warm up ride over a long, gentle climb head east on the Col du Lauteret – its 21km with gradients at around 4%. From the top you can then take on the 8km steeper climb of the Galibier. Also from town you can ride the steep Col du Granon with lots of 10% and higher gradients. If you want to ride some of the route, head south to Giullestre and then ride the last 30km of the Etape. There are so many great rides straight out of town so enjoy your warm up rides.

Useful Resources:

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We wish you the very best of luck at the 2017 Etape!