All I want for Christmas is…

Fed up with the boxing day tradition of figuring out how to return your gifts to Wiggle? Not this year. Not on our watch. Here are some of the best cycling gifts around at the moment. Ping this to your secret santa / family / friends to make sure your boxing day can be spent recovering from a hangover and playing with toys that were meant for someone much younger than you.

Ok, lets start at the feet and work our way up:

1. Cycling Shoes – Giro Empire SLX

Lace ups are so hot right now. Super lightweight, ultra comfy and stunningly stylish. The Black / Lime colour is a new edition which is bound to be marmite. We love them.
£200 from 7Hundred –

2. Cycling Socks – The Wonderful Socks Giro

Nothing makes you feel like a champion on a ride or sportive than putting on a new pair of nice socks. The Wonderful Socks have some cool designs including a fetching Marco Pantani tribute but the simple style of the Giro socks gets our vote.
£15 from The Wonderful Socks –

3. Cycling Jerseys – La Passione Summer Jersey Diagonal

La Passione are channeling their inner “Escape to Victory” in these slick jerseys. Gone are the days of dull one colour jerseys, jersey designs are rapidly getting better and La Passione are part of this trend to cooler tops.
£42 from La Passione –

4. Cycling Jerseys – Saxo Tinkoff Camo Jersey

Without doubt the coolest kit from the pro peloton last year. When you have Sagan in your team the designers are under pressure to bring the style and in 2015 at least one of them delivered for the team.
£48.99 from Pro Bike Kit

5. Cycling Jerseys – Tenspeed Hero TSH Resort Lemons Jersey

Bad news is there is no UK stockists of this fashionable Chicago baxed cycle brand. Everything else is good news. Unique designs, great quality Italian manufacturing and attention to detail in everything they do make TenSpeedHero our favourite kit right now.
£93 & import duty from Tenspeed Hero

6. Cycling Cap – Chapeau! Lightweight Cap

Perfect to keep your head warm in winter and sweat free in summer while looking stylish all year long. We love everything that comes out of this stylish British brand and more and more we see the Chapeau! logo on caps in far flung corners of Europe. And glad to see we aren’t the only ones that put cycling caps on our dogs.
£14.99 from Chapeau!

7. Cycle Mugs – The Handmade Cyclist Fausto Coppi Mug

If you drink as much tea as the team at Sportive Breaks then a proper mug is essential. The Handmade Cyclist have some classic cycle designs, the Fausto Copppi is our favourite with a sentiment we couldn’t agree more with.

£19 from Etsy

8. Cycle Stationary – The Beautiful Ride King of the Mountains Notebook

A subtle work nod to your cycle passion and a guaranteed way to turn awkward business small talk at a meeting into a full on anecdote swapshop of last years Etape and heroic feats in the Alps and Pyrenees.

£15 from The Beautiful Ride