fbpx Etape du Tour – 2 weeks to go…

Etape du Tour – 2 weeks to go…

These next two weeks are all about managing the anxiety levels before the big day, your mind will be racing all over so we need to keep it in check.
Now with the tour starting you can focus on that and enjoy it, and build the excitement but you need to keep it as positive energy.

With the event so close and your nerves building we want to use a few shorter but higher intensity sessions to help keep the energy levels in check, and also make us feel like we are still training even though we are tapering off the volume, this is a standard way to lead into an event and works well as a control. Obviously if you’re one of the riders who are building up to the race day then stick with that plan.

Try and make sure you are resting and eating a good, healthy and balanced diet to make sure your body is getting all that it needs in the lead up to the day.

As mentioned in the three weeks out article, make sure you are keeping yourself well informed about the event day, looking through the itinerary and the route profile so there are no surprises. Here is the route profile:

Notice the key aspects of the course – a quick first 60km, then a long false flat all the way to the Col de Vars (cat 1) with a couple of sharp 10% sections. So far so good. The challenge comes after the descent of the Vars with a long gentle ramp up to the bottom of the Izoard and then a tough climb to the finish. Therefore one of the key aspects of this course is to keep plenty left in the locker for the finish.
Also take note of the cut off times. As mentioned earlier, the first 60km and then the drag to the bottom of the Vars should be pretty comfortable for everyone (even with some lumps after Embrun) so the first cut off to take real note of is at the feed station at the top of the Col de Vars.

Once you are happy with the route and itinerary for the weekend, make sure you are happy with your bike and your kit, brake pads, cleats.. these can all cause panic the day before so check them now. If you are servicing your bike before hand, tell your local bike shop you are riding the Etape. Make sure you have a few rides on your bike after the service so you are comfortable with any changes to the setup.

Any questions please do contact Sportive Breaks and we will give you the answers.