fbpx 2016 Etape du Tour in numbers

2016 Etape du Tour in numbers

It’s six months until the biggest sportive of the year. Plenty of time to lose some weight, get in shape and make yourself a hero. If you are thinking about tackling the Etape, here is some key facts about the ride:

The Route

Distance – 146km | Elevation – 4250m | Start town – Megeve | Finish town – Morzine


Col des Aravis – 11.5km, 5% average gradient, 12% maximum gradient
Col de la Colombi̬re Р11.7km, 5.9% avg, 9% max
Col de la Ramaz – 16km, 6.1% avg, 10.6% max
Col de Joux Plane – 11.6km, 8.5% avg, 12.5% max

How hard is the 2016 Etape du Tour?

ASO_ETAPE_DU_TOUR_SANS_DRAPEAUCompared to previous Etapes:

vs 2015 – 5% longer. 13% less climbing

vs 2014 – 2% shorter, 6% less climbing

vs 2013 – 12% longer, 21% more climbing

vs 2012 (Alps) – 4% longer, 3% less climbing

Sumary – in keeping with the last few Etape’s, the 2016 route packs in a lot of climbing into a relatively short distance. If you have ridden previous editions, there is nothing to scare you about the 2016 route.



Stelvio SantiniCompared to other European Sportives (long routes)

vs Nove Colli – 27% shorter, 11% more climbing

vs Tour of Flanders – 39% shorter, 100% more climbing

vs Liege Bastogne Liege – 47% shorter, 9% less climbing

vs La Marmotte – 16% shorter, 18% less climbing

Summary – The Etape is hard. The Marmotte is a monster.



uk-mapCompared to the big UK Sportives (long routes)

vs Ride London – 9% shorter, 126% more climbing

vs Fred Whitton – 19% shorter, 4% more climbing

vs Velothon Wales – 4% longer, 190% more climbing

vs Dragon Ride (GF) – 34% shorter, 46% more climbing

Summary – while many of the tough UK events pack a lot of climbing into the route, this is done over a much longer distance so the first time Etape rider needs to be prepared for much longer climbs and less time between them.






So, if you have not ridden an Etape before this could be a great year for it. Make no mistake it will be a hard day in the saddle particularly if this is your first European sportive but this is not the hardest Etape of the last few years, the route is stunning and Morzine is a great town to celebrate your success.

Etape du Tour

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